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Circle is a peer-to-peer payments technology company. It was founded by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville in October 2013. Circle's mobile payment platform, Circle Pay, allows users to hold, send, and receive traditional fiat currencies. In September 2015, Circle received the first BitLicense issued from the New York State Department of Financial Services. Poloniex a cryptocurrency exchange was bought by Circle.

An article on bitdegree.org mentions, "One of the main disadvantages of using the Poloniex platform is that it does not allow you to use traditional payment methods such as a debit/credit card or a bank account. This can be quite annoying if you are looking to make a deposit for the first time, as it means you will need to fund your account with a cryptocurrency instead."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- run by leadership who just wants to shill his coin (and does not respect women) - other leadership is an absolute joke who commands zero respect and does nothing - turning into a scam - toxic environment - looks awful on your resume, this company's reputation is in the trash - no future"

Chiến Phùng says

"scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam"

Michael Scofield says

"Still struggling with withdrawing my crypto from it. Their customer support answers are really slow so it is already half of a year for me just chatting without any chance to cash out looks like...
Don't trust them your money"

ugur kurt says

"The account is closed I can't log in they don't respond to emails Squat in my cryptocurrencies Don't use this exchange"

Cryptotrader says

"stay away from this instable platform! nuff said.. you are warned! they go offline anytime without warnings for "maintanance", there are much better exchanges then poloniex..skip it.."

Paul morelli says

"New interface is as bad as the old one was good. It's the first time i see a company changing something that works perfectly for something that is absolutely unusable."

OPF says

"The withdrawal fee of 20 USDT is a joke, that's so high, and no reason for that."

Raul C. says

"poloniex.com and scammers are the same. They ate my money and I have no access to it. Despite all the efforts, I'm unable to withdraw it. All thanks to the |‪BTCinterest.live‬| that provide the reliable and trustworthy platform. The money return is safe."

Ed says

"Poloniex stole my tokens from my Polo wallet and they refused to refund me or propose a solution to resolve the matter, i will never ever trade with them and i do not recommend them, they are thieves and scammers."

Fabien R says

"Scammers! They disabled my coins and kept them with only 2 months notice by email only and of course all their emails where in my spam box.
They didn't replace my coins by some btc or eth, they just stole my coins
Run away from that exchange... We don't need these kind of companies in the crypto market!"

Sam Bahaei says

"There is a class action lawsuit forming against Poloniex (Circle). An absolute digital theft. No access to my account= no access to my money! or you can not transfer your coins anymore! BS!
They pretty much took my coins. RIP centralized exchanges. Just going DEX."

Albert Nakamoto says

"I cant withdraw my money. They said that I was using a different IP. Well, Ip changes when you restart your wifi connection obviously. So they put the money back and ask me to withdraw again. So I waited and said that the will get back to me. It has been almost 24 hours and they are still not approving my withdrawal. This blockchain is supposed to make things automated but not with Poloniex. They make everything so hard. The fact that I am just sending funds back where they came from makes me think they are just withholding the funds intentionally. I would say if you wanted to trade, look elsewhere, and DYOR before dealing with these scammers."

Michael says

"Not having access to my email for a prolonged amount of time made me unaware that Poloniex were de listing Digibyte.
Now they are claiming the coins are not refundable and are gone forever.
Is there anyway to get these back?"

C B says

"Poloniex stole 16% from btc lenders. On 26th May 2019 because of the clam incident, poloniex stole 16% of btc lenders principal. Since then it has only paid back 10% and 0.0047 btc. Moreover they moved their base from USA to a virgin island. Be very careful with them"

Ady Iliesi says

"Very bad, Trading is dodgy and customer service poor. Kicking out Digibyte make me leave the website! Never going back"

Aleksey says

"I don't recommend you to trust them for your money. They have ridiculous fees on withdrawal. For example, to get your $5 you will need to pay about $7 in fees.
My bad that I never checked Trustpilot reviews."

yamero says

"just one thing... maintenance"

Brian Moynihan says

"Today friend of my friend lost account access and customer service ignore this! Owners of poloniex - please take care of relationship with users....."

John Lambert says

"The lack of normal customer support and too many technical problems when the market goes up sharply forced me to say goodbye to the company. but it was not so simple, now I ran into the quest how to withdraw my money from here..."


"Poor customer service, and no response from the support team.
but we can create a dispute and get you your unreleased funds or seized cryptocurrency. contact us today."

Priscilla says

"They don't allow you to withdraw profit , it's terrible and I expected better from them. I got help from holtzjacqueline At aol.com tho ."